The Hill of crosses

Let’s visit the spiritual sanctuary of many Catholics

The Hill of Crosses is a sacred place and a symbol of faith, which attracts thousands of believers every year. Just north of the city of Siauliai, the Hill of Crosses is believed to have come into being after a battle in 1831 at the site. Since, crosses and crucifixes large and small, as well statues of the Virgin Mary and Lithuanian patriots, have been left by Catholic pilgrims.

The Soviet government had started to destroy the Hill of Crosses, but without success as new crosses continued appearing.

Did you know that …
Here you won’t find a church, a sacred picture or graves like in other holy places. It amazes the whole world with expression of prayer. Written sources first refer to crosses ‘growing’ on the hill more than one and a half century ago.

You can leave your little cross here in token of hopes and dreams which come true.

5 – 6 hours Combined